UN-OCHA confidently relies on Strattic for peace of mind 

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OCHA is the United Nations (UN) arm that coordinates their global emergency response to save lives and protect people in humanitarian crises. OCHA uses and depends on these teams’ four WordPress websites, as well as others, to help provide resources and coordinate their humanitarian relief efforts around the globe.

Each OCHA WordPress site was managed by a different team, with no overseeing manager with knowledge about website maintenance or security, leaving the sites wide open for attack at every possible level.

OCHA needed a place that could keep their sites safe under one roof without requiring any security expertise on the part of each website’s owner.

About OCHA

Through critical situational and gender-responsive analysis, OCHA provides a comprehensive picture of overall needs and ensures that assistance and protection reach the people who need it most.

There are several teams with corresponding WordPress websites in place to support OCHA’s coordination efforts including:

GIMAC: aims to coordinate, structure, collate, manage and analyse COVID-19 related information; and to provide technical support and services to prioritised countries and global decision making based on a request.

Peer2Peer Support: provides peer support to Humanitarian Coordinators and Humanitarian Country Teams in the field.

IASC Gender with Age Marker: The GAM is a tool that was designed to help field workers understand how to do better gender equality programming.

Healthy Field Worker: The UN OCHA Staff Welfare Office is dedicated to supporting the psychosocial well-being of all OCHA staff and their families through resources, materials, training and support.

OCHA uses and depends on these teams’ websites, as well as others, to help provide resources and coordinate their humanitarian relief efforts around the globe.

Due to the critical nature of these sites in managing OCHA’s activities, they started looking for a way to ensure their sites were as resilient as possible, both in terms of security, and maintenance needs.

Hosting with Strattic: Immediate security. No maintenance headaches.

According to Andrej Verity, Information Management Officer at the United Nations, it is a relief to no longer have to worry about each of their websites on a daily basis.

“Strattic takes the security concerns out of running a WordPress site. It gives us the confidence to allow more teams to leverage WP without an ongoing fear of the sites not being maintained (from a security standpoint),” he says.

Quick transition, intuitive workflow

For OCHA, the decision to use Strattic was seamless since their editors could continue to use WordPress as usual, and immediately benefit from a safe and fast site without any added hassle.

“By providing the familiar WordPress interface to editors and a static output for the resulting website, Strattic’s innovative solution delivers on both security and speed” – Andrej Verity

Verity shares, “the quick setup also makes it easy to recommend Strattic to teams looking to create new websites – no need to compare platforms, hosting providers and the like.”

OCHA also benefits from Strattic’s knowledgeable support team. Verity says “our transition to the platform has been painless and the support team has always been available whenever we had a question.”

Long-term cost savings

Moving to Strattic saved OCHA time and money that were being unnecessarily spent trying to keep each site operating properly across their different tech and hosting stacks.

“With four sites on Strattic and more on the way, we can centralize sites from various teams. Strattic adds an extra layer of security to valued sites and cuts long term costs” – Andrej Verity

The time and money saved allows OCHA to focus on their core humanitarian efforts.

Thank you Andrej and team! Keep on doing the good work!

From all of us over here at Strattic, we’re proud to see your sites thrive on our platform and are happy to help in whatever way we can to assist your efforts as you do much needed and appreciated humanitarian work in the world.


  • Immediate security
  • No maintenance
  • Centralized platform for all sites
  • Peace of mind
  • Quick, painless transition
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Comprehensive support
  • Faster sites