What is Static WordPress?

Static WordPress refers to replicas of WordPress sites that are delivered as pre-rendered files and pages (aka “static”), and are completely disconnected from the servers that can slow sites, or get hacked (aka “headless”). That’s why static sites are so fast, secure and resilient.

The Problem with “Traditional” WordPress

With regular WordPress websites, the front end (the website) and the backend (the WP admin) are tightly conjoined and always available – both to visitors and attackers. To generate website pages, servers publish them on-the-fly for users as they request to see them in their browser. This process is resource and time intensive, and can lead to performance issues. The conjoined nature of the site also means that all the layers of WordPress and its ongoing vulnerabilities are exposed and can get hacked at any time.

To solve the speed and security issues inherent in traditional WordPress, website owners invest huge amounts of resources in optimizing their sites.

Traditional optimization usually includes: Caching plugins, Firewalls, Security plugins, Backup plugins, Security scans and CDNs.

These tools can be complicated to implement and maintain, can conflict with one another, and often don’t generate the desired results. Sites can still get hacked, and are still sluggish.

Traditional WordPress

Now let’s talk static on Strattic


Strattic is an all-in-one static site generation and hosting platform that instantly optimizes WordPress by converting it to a static architecture. With Strattic, content managers, designers and marketers can continue to manage content in WordPress as usual, while developers get to bask in the glory (and enjoy the peace of mind) of a fully headless website.


Static sites on Strattic also enjoy the highest level of security by disconnecting the live website from the WordPress application. This makes vulnerabilities like SQL injections (SQLi), Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and other vulnerabilities that continually manifest themselves on WordPress completely irrelevant.


In addition to the out-of-the-box speed that pre-rendered static web pages offer, all Strattic sites are delivered in their entirety via a CDN (Content Delivery Network) – this means a copy of your site is available across many locations globally so it’s served from the closest point to the user, making load time even faster.


Strattic’s static architecture allows you to scale your website traffic as needed without worrying that your server may crash or your site might slow down. In fact, due to Strattic’s unique architecture, your site will get even faster as traffic increases. Strattic makes static WordPress attainable and usable for all. In one click.

Experience the security and speed of headless WordPress hosting