Strattic FAQ

What is the difference between Strattic and standard hosting?

The main differences between Strattic and standard hosting can be broken down into three categories: security, speed, and scalability.


Static frontend removes 99.99999% of attack surface

Strattic offers the highest level of security by transforming your site into a static version of itself and detaching the front-end of your site from your WordPress Admin area. This removes vulnerabilities such as SQL injections (SQLi), and Cross-site Scripting (XSS). Buh-bye bots.

As a happy byproduct, the sites are also faster and scale even when hit by a lot of traffic or DDoS attacks.

SSL and HTTP/2. No mixed content errors.

Every Strattic site gets a free SSL certificate that converts your site from HTTP to HTTPS. We also make sure there are no mixed content errors that can sometimes happen when implementing SSL. Once your site is running on HTTPS, we support HTTP/2, which speeds up your site. Google wants your users to feel secure, and you should too. Aside from the security benefit, Google has added SSL as a ranking factor, so this is an obvious must-have feature.


Static frontend

WordPress websites are dynamic, which means the information you see on a website, like this very page that you’re reading right this second, is usually queried from the database as the page loads. This call to the database adds on some precious milliseconds to the time it takes the page to load.

Strattic transforms your site into a static version of itself which can greatly reduce page load time. Making your site static means compressing all the files into a pre-rendered version of your site that doesn’t need to query the database to display information on your website. The static files are served as HTML with CSS and Javascript.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Strattic also includes a CDN which means copies of your site are made available on servers around the world. By serving the site from locations closer to the visitor, your site loads even faster.

Cache everything

Strattic is the ultimate cache, and the most aggressive caching you can have. No need for other types of caching when a site is running on Strattic. The reason for this is that caching essentially generates static versions of some pages on the site. Strattic is all static, all the time.


Serverless architecture keeps your site available around the clock and allows you to scale your website traffic without crashing your server. With Strattic, you can be confident driving traffic to your site.

Comparison Chart

Here’s a comparison chart of Strattic serverless hosting vs. Traditional hosting

Benefit Strattic Traditional Hosting
Static site Speed & Security
Free SSL + HTTP/2 Speed & Security
Depends on hosting provider
CDN Speed
Depends on hosting provider
Serverless Architecture Performance
Daily Backups with one-click restore Security
Depends on hosting provider