Getting Started with WordPress on Strattic

Generating a bulletproof, lightning fast, scalable static, headless version of your WordPress site is easy on Strattic, but different than what you may be used to. Learn how to get started and manage your content in a few easy steps.


Getting Setup


Start Fresh or Migrate

All new Strattic accounts start with a fresh WordPress install. If you already have a WordPress site, you can migrate it over to our platform with just a few clicks. Of course, we also offer white glove migrations.

Using WordPress


Launch WordPress

The default state for your WordPress admin is offline. When you want to make changes in WordPress you can launch it via your Strattic dashboard.

Manage content in WordPress as usual

The great thing about Strattic is that you get the same WordPress admin you are used to. So you can edit and make changes like you normally would.

Automatic support for popular WordPress functionality

You might think that dynamic functionality like forms, search, comments, etc. won’t work on a static version of your site. And that would be the case if you weren’t on Strattic; Strattic supports popular WordPress functionality out of the box. View our features.

Generating the Static Site


Click The Big Red Button

You can initiate the static site generation process from the big red Strattic Publish button conveniently located in the top menu of the admin area of your site.

Static Site Preview

Added new plugins to your site? Made significant changes to your theme? Test them first on your static preview site and then deploy with confidence to your live site!

Bask in the glory of your static site!

Congratulations! From this point on, your live website will enjoy the security, speed and scalability of a modern static site.

Experience ultimate speed and security