WP2Static vs Strattic

WP2Static and Strattic by Elementor both generate static WordPress websites. 

Let’s compare their key differences.

Strattic: The Streamlined and Effortless Static WordPress Solution

While WP2static is very useful for the DIY crowd, Strattic’s platform is the ideal solution for agencies and businesses who need a solution that works right away.

No-hassle setup

Strattic is an end-to-end platform for creating and managing static WordPress websites without having to deal with the complexity of setting up and managing a server of your own.

Faster Publish Times

Multiple publishing options, incremental building for faster publish times, and custom publishing settings for maximum flexibility.

Secure containerized environment

Enterprise-grade award-winning WordPress support that is designed to meet the needs of your business.

One Click Publish

With Strattic, publishing your updates is as easy as a single click, no matter where you are in the WordPress dashboard, Gutenberg, or Elementor.

Support for WordPress Plugins

Strattic seamlessly integrates with some of the most popular WordPress plugins, such as Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WPML, Yoast, and more, for a streamlined experience out of the box!.

Award-Winning Support

Strattic’s containers are designed to shut down automatically when not in use which provides enhanced security by minimizing the potential attack surface.


Take your Static WordPress site to the next level

Strattic offers advanced features and capabilities that go beyond what WP2Static provides, making it a more comprehensive solution.

Ease of Use
  • Developer Skills Required
  • Easy to Use
  • No Developer Skills Required
Deployment Options
  • Self Hosted and Managed
  • Hosted by Strattic
Customer Support
  • Community Discussion Board
  • 24/6 Support
Built in Form Support
  • Manual Setup
  • Gravity Forms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Elementor Forms
  • Webhook by Zapier
Global CDN
  • BYO
  • Included
Team Management
  • None
  • Included
Static-ready Website Search
  • Setup Required
  • Agolia Search Included
  • Self Managed
  • 30 days Included
Multiple publishing options
  • No
  • Yes
    (Full, Quick and Selective Publish)
Regular Updates
  • No
  • Yes

Experience the security and speed of static WordPress hosting