Leading fintech company Rapyd chooses Strattic for ultimate WordPress security and compliance

Static and headless WordPress. In one click.

Rapyd’s payment platform enables users to create payment, payout and fintech experiences everywhere, which simplifies and advances commerce in every market. Rapyd customers include well-known companies like Ikea and Uber.

Strict security requirements were preventing an efficient workflow

Since Rapyd is a security-conscious fintech platform with customers that take security and compliance very seriously, they needed to make sure that they had a security-first approach to their marketing website as well.

“As CISO, I manage security for all information assets including the company website, and I need to make sure they’re compliant and at the highest level of security,” says Rapyd’s CISO Nir Rothenberg.

Rapyd’s marketing team understood the importance of having a flexible website to support their marketing activities, and chose WordPress as their CMS. However, due to WordPress’ regular software updates and vulnerabilities, Rapyd decided that they couldn’t risk having a potentially vulnerable asset like that, and demanded that the website be statically rendered.

“We looked for an Open Source static WordPress solution and found WP2Static,” says Nir, “so we started using that solution. But publishing the site would take anywhere between 8 and 24 hours and sometimes would just fail and not publish at all. The marketing team was obviously very frustrated and unhappy with that situation.“

The Strattic Aha moment

Rapyd’s marketing team was really suffering from the long publishing times, when someone from the Rapyd team discovered Strattic and tried it out to see if it could solve their issues. It was clear that Strattic would meet their strict security requirements due to Strattic’s unique architecture where the WordPress site is fully decoupled from the public static site and is not accessible to the internet. In addition, it seemed that marketing’s need to have fast publishing times would also be possible with Strattic.

Nir says that after moving to Strattic, IT and Marketing get along really well in relation to the website. “Strattic is the ultimate win-win situation,” Nir says, “and it’s an integral tool for our tech stack.”

Nir adds that since moving to Strattic he has total peace of mind about the marketing website and landing pages and is able to focus his attention on other critical matters.

5-Star customer support

Rapyd really appreciates Strattic’s high quality customer support, especially since this was sorely lacking while they were using a free Open Source static site generator plugin. 

Mark Stiltner, Director of Content and Web Marketing at Rapyd says that the customer support that they’ve received is top notch, personal and feels instantaneous. “The combination of ease of deployment and having someone to chat with when you need support has really been a game changer for us.”.