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Strattic FAQ


What is the difference between Strattic and standard hosting?

The main differences between Strattic and standard hosting can be broken down into three categories: security, speed, and scalability.

How does Strattic compare to static site generator tools?

Static site generator tools like Gatsby, Hugo and Jekyll have a good end product – a static site. But they are missing all the benefits of WordPress – a system that makes it a pleasure to add and edit new content, and a massive WordPress ecosystem to help you along the way.

How does Strattic differ from WordPress static site generator plugins?

Static site generator plugins (like Simply Static and WP Static Site Generator) will help you create a static site, but they don’t take into consideration all the functionality that’s included out-of-the-box with Strattic.


Where do I edit my site?

Strattic provides you with a staging site, where you can edit your WordPress site like you always have.

Can I add plugins and themes?

Of course! You can continue adding plugins and themes to your site like you always have. If you’d like more details on what to keep in mind for a static site, you can check out our compatibility list here

Can I use Git?

In order to deploy a code repository on Strattic, we recommend using a tool like DeployHQ. This allows for the repository to be deployed via SFTP. Tools like DeployHQ track your commits and run a script to move your code from the repository to the server. You can check out our step by step tutorial here.

Can I FTP into my site’s server?

You can use SFTP to gain access to your staging site’s server where your WordPress website sits.

You can access your SFTP information from within your Strattic dashboard. Simply login and click on the name of your site, and then click on “Details”.

Does Strattic support contact forms?

Yes! Strattic has native support for Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 (CF7). We are also planning to add support for native Elementor forms soon.

More information about our support for these plugins can be found here. Other form solutions can also be found in our static tools directory.

Can I have comments on my website?

Yes! Currently you’d need to use an external comment system like Disqus or other solutions listed in our static tools directory. Strattic has plans for supporting native WordPress comments in the future.

Can I have search on my website?

Yes! Strattic users get high-quality Algolia search out of the box. Alternatively, you could use an external service like Swiftype and others listed in our static tools directory.


How is a CDN more powerful with Strattic?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a way to serve your site’s static assets (images, CSS, Javascript) from a location closest to your user so that the site loads faster.

Because Strattic serves a static version of your site, your whole site is served via the CDN, not just the assets.

Will Strattic increase my Google Page Speed Insights Score?

Strattic customers usually see an improvement in their Page Speed Insights (PSI) scores after migrating their websites.

However, the Page Speed Insights scoring system isn’t just based on speed. Waiting for blocking JavaScript and unoptimized images to load are common contributors to the scoring as well.

Security Getting Started

How do I migrate my site to Strattic?

We’re big fans of the MigrateGuru plugin! All you need to do is add the plugin to your original site, spin up your WordPress site in the Strattic Dashboard, and enter your Strattic credentials into MigrateGuru.

Check out our step by step documentation on how to migrate your WordPress sites to Strattic.

What’s included in the free trial?

A free trial on Strattic Includes everything in the Solo plan but with all CDN regions. If you’re interested in testing the enterprise plan, please contact us.

Do you have a startup program?

Yes, we offer startups an 80% discount for the first year. Learn more here.

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