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How does Strattic differ from Conventional Headless?

Strattic offers all the advantages of headless approaches, but due to our unique approach, users can still use WordPress as usual, along with popular plugins, while also supporting functionality that doesn’t work seamlessly on headless.

There’s more to it than that, and that’s why we’ve put together this handy table for you that compares the pros and cons of Strattic vs conventional headless solutions. Read more.

How does Strattic compare to static site generator tools?

Static site generator tools like Gatsby, Hugo and Jekyll have a good end product – a static site. But they are missing all the benefits of WordPress – a system that makes it a pleasure to add and edit new content, and a massive WordPress ecosystem to help you along the way.


Where do I edit my site?

Strattic provides you with a staging site, where you can edit your WordPress site like you always have.

Can I use Git?

In order to deploy a code repository on Strattic, we recommend using a tool like DeployHQ. This allows for the repository to be deployed via SFTP. Tools like DeployHQ track your commits and run a script to move your code from the repository to the server. You can check out our step by step tutorial here.

Can I FTP into my site’s server?

You can use SFTP to gain access to your staging site’s server where your WordPress website sits.

You can access your SFTP information from within your Strattic dashboard. Simply login and click on the name of your site, and then click on “Details”.


How is a CDN more powerful with Strattic?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a way to serve your site’s static assets (images, CSS, Javascript) from a location closest to your user so that the site loads faster.

Because Strattic serves a static version of your site, your whole site is served via the CDN, not just the assets.

Will Strattic increase my Google Page Speed Insights Score?

Strattic customers usually see an improvement in their Page Speed Insights (PSI) scores after migrating their websites.

However, the Page Speed Insights scoring system isn’t just based on speed. Waiting for blocking JavaScript and unoptimized images to load are common contributors to the scoring as well.


Why is WordPress on Strattic more secure?

When running a standard WordPress site, security is always something to keep in mind. The amount of tooling needed to ward off the malicious actors is time consuming, and the battle against hackers is unending: one slip or missed security patch can spell disaster.

But when visitors are accessing a static replica of the site, hackers have nothing to breach. All the layers of vulnerabilities found in a standard WordPress installation are nonexistent in its static counterpart. They can try to brute force their way in, but on a static architecture even that won’t impact the site’s performance, and it will hum along as usual.

With static WordPress, security concerns become a thing of the past, and instead of constantly worrying about updating plugins and software, you can focus on doing your job.

Do I need security plugins when using Strattic?

Strattic’s architecture offers the highest level of security by disconnecting your live website from WordPress, thus eliminating vulnerabilities such as SQL injections (SQLi), and Cross-site Scripting (XSS). The world just sees the static site, with no underlying database. In addition, your WordPress site requires user authentication (HTTP Auth). Finally, while you are not editing your site, we shut down the WordPress site and database and take it offline.

Read this blog post to learn more.


Do you support WooCommerce?

Both yes and no. It depends on how you intend to use it. If you need the checkout/cart functionality, then the answer is no, we don’t support that yet. WooCommerce depends heavily on interactions with the database for its shopping cart, and therefore it won’t work out of the box on a static website. However, if you’re just using WooCommerce for the catalog functionality, then yes! That would work great on Strattic! There are also several static friendly ecommerce services, we have them listed in our static tools directory.

Can I have ads on my website?

Yes! Ad services, such as Google AdSense, typically use JavaScript codes on your website to serve ads. This method is compatible with Strattic.

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