Blazing Fast Performance,
Incredible User Experience

Strattic’s pre-rendered web pages eliminate WordPress bloat, and its built-in CDN ensures rapid load time around the globe. Experience the speed of static WordPress.

Experience the speed of
static headless WordPress

On Strattic, the WordPress site is deployed as a fully static, decoupled version of itself, leaving the sluggishness of the LAMP stack behind. The pre-rendered pages load blazingly fast, and are fully delivered via a global CDN so it’s fast, everywhere.

speed of static headless

Pre-rendered pages

As opposed to standard WordPress where pages are generated upon request, thus adding latency and load time, all pages on your Strattic site are pre-rendered so they load instantly.

Fully served via CDN

Strattic's pre-rendered pages are served from edge locations around the world for even faster delivery. This means your site's visitors can get your content faster than ever.

Scale effortlessly

Without the load of PHP processing and server activity slowing your site down, your site will always scale for traffic and load. No need to provision the servers ahead of a big campaign.

“The feeling we have with Strattic is that we can have our cake and eat it too. We don’t have to rebuild everything just to solve this one issue of optimization.”

— David Bitton, Product Marketing Manager, Coralogix
Coralogix got 50% faster on Strattic without an extra line of code

Improve rankings and conversion rates

Many Strattic customers benefit from boosts to their CrUX and Lighthouse scores due to the increased speed and improved user experience. Faster website page loading speeds are correlated with better ranking in search and improved conversion rates.

Confidently drive traffic to your site

Never worry about your site going down just when you most need it to be up to support incoming traffic. In fact, the more traffic that hits the CDN requesting your site, the faster your site will perform. So...go crazy, run those massive campaigns. Your site can handle it, and may even get faster.
Payoneer moves to Strattic for a faster website, and increased conversion rates
Payoneer moves to Strattic for a faster website and increased conversion rates

“Migrating our WordPress websites from our previous hosting to Strattic immediately increased our site speed significantly. This contributed to lowering our bounce rate, increasing our conversion rates, and also helped improve our SEO. I highly recommend Strattic.”

— Jonny Steel, VP Marketing, Payoneer

For high performance sites, choose Strattic