Workiz transitions to static WordPress on Strattic for security, peace of mind and fast server response times

Workiz transitions to static WordPress on Strattic
Static and headless WordPress. In one click.

Workiz is an all-in-one service business scheduling software and app focused on home-services pros. Workiz is trusted by over 100,000+ service business professionals who can easily schedule jobs, invoice and get paid, and manage calls – all while on the go, thanks to the Workiz mobile app.

The enormous challenge of DDoS and WordPress

Prior to moving to Strattic, Workiz was self-hosting their WordPress website on their own cloud infrastructure. This is quite a common approach for tech companies since the thinking is that if they already have the cloud resources available to them, they might as well also use them for their website.

However, hosting a WordPress website is a different story than hosting a company’s proprietary technology and application. WordPress has its own hosting needs and challenges which need to be addressed both on the hosting level, and within WordPress itself.

For Workiz, this issue became increasingly acute as they came under repeated DDoS attack. Since WordPress runs on a LAMP infrastructure with definitively finite resources, it can be challenging to keep it up and fast even just under normal increased load. A DDoS attack can be brutal and take down a WP site quite easily.

Workiz needed to find a solution that would give them scalability and security peace of mind so they could focus on their core business, and not continuously have to allocate valuable resources to deal with the issues around their site.

“Since moving to Strattic, our engineers have been able to basically forget about our website and focus on our core product. This has had a significant impact on improving our workflow, plus we love that the site also got faster which of course makes our marketing team happy too.”
Saar Kohanovitch, CTO

Converting WordPress to static for peace of mind

Workiz came to the conclusion that the ideal and safest way to run WordPress was to not run it at all – meaning, they would use WordPress for the content management, and then deploy it as a static replica.

When researching for a solution that could achieve their goals, they found the WP2Static WordPress plugin and tested it out. The static site generated by the plugin was indeed more scalable, but the plugin wasn’t able to support their needs as a serious company with a relatively sophisticated website and frequent content updates. In addition, the content publication process became quite cumbersome for their marketing team since the deployment process to static on WP2Static is geared more towards developers.

Then they found Strattic. With the help of Strattic’s customer support team, Workiz tested it thoroughly, and it became clear that Strattic could support their sophisticated marketing and web content teams’ needs, while giving them the security and peace of mind they sought. All the marketing team had to do was click one additional button to deploy new content to the static replica of the site, served up via a global CDN. Since going live, the static site has proven to be incredibly resilient with zero downtime.

“Strattic’s outstanding customer support and onboarding team went above and beyond in helping us make the transition to Strattic as smooth as possible. Even after going live, their responsiveness and high level of knowledge continues to impress.”
Oren Zigelman, Director of User Acquisition

As an added bonus, Workiz’s site also became significantly faster on Strattic thanks to their TTFB (Time to First Byte) improving by 33%.

Workiz’s site also became significantly faster on Strattic thanks to their TTFB (Time to First Byte) improving by 33%

Moving to Strattic means Workiz can focus on what they do best without worrying about threats to their WordPress website.