Strattic 2022 Year in Review!

Static and headless WordPress. In one click.

Can you believe the end of 2022 is upon us? That feels like it went fast – like Strattic website fast (ba dum tsh) 😜

In addition to joining forces with Elementor to bring even more innovation to the static WordPress space, a lot happened this year, including some great updates and feature releases by our team.

🎉 Here are some highlights:

  • Emails can now be sent from Strattic’s static form system with your own custom domain
  • Static publishes can be stopped mid-way in the WP Admin
  • Restoring backups is now possible from the Strattic dashboard
  • SSO (for Enterprise plans)
  • Now you can sign in with Google
  • Static live and preview sites can now be password protected
  • MFA / 2FA for the Strattic customer dashboard, including the ability to see who on your team has set it up and who hasn’t (and if you haven’t, go set it up now!)
  • When connecting your custom domain to the static live site, you can now also configure an AAAA record for IPv6
  • Released support for Elementor Forms (in addition to existing support for Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms)
  • Initial support for WP Cron (Enterprise plans)
  • We now have a Strattic system status page
  • Our developer documentation website launched
  • Faster static publish times
  • Improved support for Squirrly SEO, RankMath, TranslatePress and Gravity Forms
  • Scheduled publishes can now be Selective, Quick or Full

😍 Case Studies

🤓 Let’s wrap up with some fun 2022 stats:

  • No. of static publishes = 87,941
  • No. of URLs converted to static = 637,367,004
  • No. of new tools added to the Strattic Tools Directory = 33

Wishing you all the best for the New Year!