Strattic acquired by Elementor!

Static and headless WordPress. In one click.

Strattic was born to solve my own pain points as an agency owner building custom WordPress sites for clients for over 12 years. Over the years, I found myself also having to become somewhat of a WebOps/DevOps/security expert along the way in order to handle the infrastructure aspects of managing a live WordPress site: security, performance, scalability and reliability. I found it interesting, but website building was what I loved and what I had set out to do. In addition, these aspects of managing a WordPress site needed 24/7 attention, and issues could pop up at the most inconvenient times.

I love WordPress, and from my perspective it’s the best option for website building and content management. But I was determined to find a solution for the ongoing management of the sites. At the time, the trend of statically-generated Jamstack websites had started to emerge. I became enamored with the concept of deploying fully static sites. It sounded so dreamy to me: what could be better than deploying just the frontend without any of the challenges of an underlying processing server? And what if there was a way to allow users to continue benefiting from all the power of native WordPress at the same time?

If all that could happen with the click of a button that generates a fully static replica that would be incredibly secure, resilient, fast and scalable, it would truly be the best of both worlds.

And thus the concept of Strattic was born.

Bringing static and Jamstack to WordPress

Josh Lawrence and I knew each other for many years through the local Israeli tech ecosystem. When I started to get serious about getting Strattic off the ground, Josh was looking to build an exciting product that would be world-changing. I was looking for a partner with experience building startups who could help make my vision a reality, and asked Josh to join. Thank goodness he agreed! And together we founded Strattic. We worked day after day to accomplish everything necessary to build a startup, from creating our initial POC, acquiring our first customers, building out our awesome team, fundraising and creating an incredible product that our customers say they can’t live without.

Being a female CEO poses its own challenges, and definitely didn’t make our already difficult journey of fundraising for Strattic easier. But we are who we are, and although we had to fight extra hard every step of the way, we were committed to doing so and bringing a product to market that we believed with all our hearts that the world needed, and would make users’ lives and work easier.

Joining forces with friends

Life is interesting – sometimes outcomes are obvious, and sometimes what ends up happening kind of blows our minds. When we set out to build Strattic, we expected to follow the usual path: raise Pre-Seed, Seed, A rounds etc. An exit was always on the table, but who knows when that would be or how that would look? It was hard to imagine.

Yet here we are, and my mind is kind of blown. We have been friends and partners with Elementor for years. I first met the founders Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein ten years ago when they attended a WordCamp I organized in Jerusalem, and then they sponsored the WordCamp I organized the following year in Tel Aviv. Our WordPress journeys have continuously progressed in parallel, with us meeting up at events, discussing our projects, flying to WordCamps around the world together, and more.

Very early on it became clear to us at Strattic that we had better make sure we support Elementor in the static versions of our sites. More and more users were coming to us with sites built on Elementor, which was a strong indication of the plugin’s growing adoption and popularity. We prioritized supporting it in general, including rolling out support for their forms, and most recently adding a Strattic publish button from the Elementor editor.

Elementor + Strattic = visions aligned

The value that Elementor brings to Web Creators aligns with our vision: removing the noise around managing WordPress so users can enjoy all the benefits that WordPress has to offer and focus purely on their work. With Elementor, that means Web Creators can easily build out new page layouts and designs and get content out there faster. With Strattic, developers and DevOps professionals can focus on their main responsibilities and stop worrying about the WordPress infrastructure of the company’s website and all that entails.

Between our aligned visions, passion for WordPress, and shared histories, joining forces with Elementor feels like a match made in heaven. We are very excited to see what we can accomplish together on this next stage of our journey.

What does this mean going forward?

Strattic will continue to provide you with a fast, secure and scalable solution for your WordPress website, with a continued fanatical commitment to excellent customer support. At the same time, joining with Elementor means we will be able to provide you with even more innovation in the static WordPress space and bring our vision to millions of users.

Mazal tov! L’chaim 🙂