An Ideal WordPress Development and Deployment Workflow (Free Ebook)

For Strattic and other hosting platforms

WordPress has a reputation for being an old-school piece of software, but while it runs on what is perceived as a legacy server stack, it can most definitely be used in conjunction with modern web development workflows. Many developers around the globe are busy building large-scale, sophisticated WordPress projects, and utilize such techniques as CI/CD and version control (gasp!) while doing so.


At Strattic, many of our customers are like the ones I described above, and that’s why we often get asked about how to set up development and deployment workflows with WordPress in general, and with static WordPress specifically. There are many ways to do this, and many great solutions out there that try to make CI/CD with WordPress a breeze.


While our mission at Strattic is to make WordPress sites faster, more scalable, and completely secure, we also aim to help teams of developers and stakeholders be efficient and effective in managing and growing their sites.


This Ebook aims to do just that: help you build and utilize a workflow that allows you to both keep your code under version control, while not worrying about overwriting your production database.

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