Meet our new Elementor-based Strattic website!

Meet our new Elementor-based Strattic website!
Static and headless WordPress. In one click.

As you may know, Strattic joined Elementor a few months ago. There were many reasons behind this joining of forces, including the fact that many of our customers are Elementor users giving us a clear overlap in our stacks.

Strattic customers using Elementor aim to achieve the best of all worlds: a flexible, user-friendly, fast way of building and editing their WordPress websites coupled with the most forward-thinking static and headless architecture available. This way, their gorgeous sites will be super fast, scalable, and have no WordPress vulnerabilities!

Win-win-win all around! 

Super fast rebuild on Elementor

But Strattic’s own website wasn’t built with Elementor. Oops. Well now that situation has been remedied, and we’re excited to share that we just launched a new version of our site that is totally built with Elementor! 

As a developer-y type of person, I admit I wasn’t sure that page builders were always the ideal direction. I wanted to do things the “right” way, i.e. build structured architectures for sites that integrated completely with WordPress’ schema.

But, I have to admit, I was blown away by this process. It demonstrated to me the incredible power of Elementor: an exact replica of our ACF-based site was built so quickly with Elementor, I felt like I blinked and it was ready. Wowsers.

That’s how the web should be. Building websites should be fast and accessible to all. That’s what Elementor offers, and that’s why 12 million websites actively use it, and their user base continues to grow. I mean, did you know that more websites use Elementor than Wix? Or Webflow? Combined!

And, of course, deploying an Elementor-based WordPress site on Strattic is the ultimate experience: you get the fast editing experience of Elementor combined with the static and headless page speeds, security, and effortless scaling for traffic that Strattic offers.

Update WordPress with confidence on Strattic

Add to that a fearless WordPress software and plugin updating experience: you know how sometimes you update WP, or a plugin, or just click a button and your whole site breaks, which often means the frontend also breaks while visitors are trying to access it? Well, that’s not a thing on Strattic – if you updated your WordPress site on Strattic and something breaks – no worries! No one can access the WP version of your site except you and your team until you publish it. Your live static replica will keep humming along unaffected, and you can fix the issue at your leisure.

To sum things up, here’s why our site is now using Elementor:

  1. Gotta eat our own dog food, obvs 🙂
  2. We can now implement changes on our site really quickly to support marketing and growth initiatives.
  3. This gives us more control over analytics and tracking by Elementor’s data teams. 

Elementor + Strattic = the ultimate website stack. You should try it out for yourself 🙂