A revolutionary approach to hosting

Slow, unreliable, hacked websites are bad for business and can now be a thing of the past.

Strattic’s radical approach to website architecture allows your users to experience your site as it should be – blazingly fast and reliable 100% of the time. Everywhere.

For websites, every second counts

Our smart engine converts your WordPress website into a static and headless architecture, and
leverages a global network of CDNs to serve up your site quickly and securely, everywhere.

Making vulnerabilities irrelevant

By serving a static version of your site we remove 99.999999% of vulnerabilities and attack surface.


Migrating our WordPress websites from our previous hosting to Strattic immediately increased our site speed significantly. This contributed to lowering our bounce rate, increasing our conversion rates, and also helped improve our SEO. I highly recommend Strattic.

Jonny Steel, VP Marketing, Payoneer

I highly recommend Strattic, especially if you’d like your site to be super fast, don’t want it to get hacked, and prefer to focus on your product and not on the headache of maintaining WordPress.

Doron Gutman, DevOps, HoneyBook

Coralogix Logo

Our WordPress site is business-critical and we depend on it for generating leads. We were suffering from slower than 6 second load time. We considered investing in a brand new website but decided to try Strattic instead. We were amazed that Strattic got our page load time to over 50% faster and we didn’t have the hassle of rebuilding our site.

David Bitton, Senior Product Manager of Coralogix

Strattic has enabled Big Orange Heart to be more effective in its charitable mission, to deliver mental health support. We’ve received world-class support, from a friendly, knowledgeable and responsive team. Strattic has helped cut our full page load by more than 75%, that’s huge! Our team can work in a familiar WordPress dashboard while Strattic handles the delivery of the Jamstack for us. Strattic enables us to keep our site safer, more environmentally friendly, deliver a better user experience and all while lowering our costs!

Dan Maby, Founder of BigOrangeHeart.org

Recently my WordPress website was hacked and injected with malware, which negatively impacted my Google presence. The situation was so bad, I thought I’d have to redo my site from scratch. Within 24 hours, Strattic migrated my site and salvaged it. Now my site is basically impenetrable to hackers, and it loads faster too! Being on Strattic gives me total peace of mind.

Donna Griffit, Corporate Storyteller

The Strattic team has figured out, apparently before everyone else, two things. First, that businesses of every size will continue to choose WordPress so that their marketing teams can quickly edit sites. Second, that those same companies have little risk tolerance for poor performance or security issues. In other words, everyone needs what they’re offering.

Chris Lema, Leader, Executive & Product Strategist

Strattic combines an innovative service (which I don’t see very often these days) with one of the most helpful support teams I’ve ever encountered. Handling the hosting aspect of Blox is outside my professional scope, and Strattic makes it much easier to handle, leaving me more time to work my voodoo magic 🙂

Pasha Kagan, Blox.io SEO specialist

I own a performance testing company, and the concept behind Strattic intrigued me. Migrate your slow WordPress site to Strattic, and then publish a static version of the site with the push of a button. The performance was jaw-droppingly fast! I ran a baseline test against my original WordPress site with just 50 concurrent users and was seeing pages take over 20 seconds to return. I then ran the same test against the new static site, but used 7,000 concurrent users! My page response times were under half a second! I think that the scalability of a static site is the magic that they are able to provide.

Michael Punsky, President, FTL Metrics

Believe it or not, website maintenance is always the scariest part for any non-technical founder and our website represents us so its vital it works well, and looks secure for our customers. The team at Strattic helped us get set up in no time and made us feel secure in the entire launch process. Now that our website is hosted on Strattic, our business is stronger than ever and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the Strattic family.

Melanie Amini, Gossipmedia.co


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