WordCamp US 2018: Here we come!

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We’re beyond excited to announce that Strattic’s CEO Miriam Schwab will be speaking at WordCamp US in Nashville on December 7-9, 2018!

Miriam “CSP” Schwab, will be talking about her middle name, Content Security Policy, and how it can help secure your WordPress site. For a preview (or spoiler alert, depending on how much you watch…), you can watch Miriam’s talk about Content Security Policy that she gave at WordCamp Europe 2018 or read our post about it.

Tickets are still available but best if you order by November 1 to guarantee a printed badge.

Community Bazaar

The Community Bazaar is a WordCamp US-led initiative to highlight local WordPress communities – first on their website, and then in real life at the conference with a booth and swag (yay, swag!). So, make sure to come over and say hi at our booth!

Major kudos for this initiative! Bringing attention to WordPress communities from around the world adds the human element back into the picture – that we’re all part of a supportive community. We were especially thrilled when our local Jerusalem WordPress community was featured on their site!

We’d love to meet as many people as we can so please reach out if you’d like to meet: info@strattic.com