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Welcome to our directory of plugins and tools that work with many static generated WordPress sites.
All of them work with Strattic.

Stork Search

Stork is a library for creating fast and accurate search interfaces on the web

Stork is a library for creating beautiful, fast, and accurate full-text search interfaces on the web.

It comes in two parts. First, it’s a command-line tool that indexes content and creates a search index file that you can upload to a web server. Second, it’s a Javascript library that uses that search index file to build an interactive search interface that displays optimal search results immediately to your user, as they type.

Stork is built with Rust, and the Javascript library uses WebAssembly behind the scenes. It’s easy to get started and is even easier to customize so it fits your needs. It’s perfect for Jamstack sites and personal blogs, but can be used wherever you need to bring search to your users.