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All of them work with Strattic.


Sell memberships to your audience from any website.

Memberful provides a secure, branded, mobile-ready payment and account management experience that feels like a natural extension of your site.

In order to use Memberful with Strattic, you’ll need to add their script into the <head> section of your site. (Memberful offers a WordPress plugin but it isn’t compatible with Strattic since it requires communication with the database which isn’t available on a static site).

This will allow you to use the following Memberful features:

Selling memberships to your audience

Create a plan in your Memberful dashboard, copy the Plan purchase link, then add that link as a button on your website. When clicked, a lightbox with a payment screen will appear.

Add an account link

Have an account link on your site so that members can access their profiles, subscriptions, and credit card information.

Add a downloads link

You can include member-only downloads in your membership plan; the file will be hosted on Memberful and accessible from your Memberful account page, or you can use a button/link to link directly to the file from your website.

Add Podcast to a Subscription Plan

By assigning a podcast RSS feed into a Plan, you can make a podcast available to paying subscribers. Memberful does not host your podcast files; instead, it works with the one you already have.

Send a members-only email newsletter

To send paid member-only emails, you can link Memberful to an email marketing platform like Mailchimp.

You will not be able to;

  • Restrict pages or posts on your website.
  • Restrict downloads hosted in your website’s media library.

For further information, please refer to the Memberful documentation.