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MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

Create MailChimp connected forms within WordPress

Strattic has added support for MC4WP: MailChimp for WordPress

This plugin enables you to create user-friendly and mobile optimized forms within WordPress that connect directly to your MailChimp lists allowing them to grow without you lifting a finger via the MailChimp API. Typically, this plugin wouldn’t work on a static site, but we’ve been able to add support for most of MCWP’s standard features, and we plan to add more support in the future.

MC4WP features supported on Strattic:

  • MailChimp list selection ✔️
  • Subscriber tags – to help organize your contacts. ✔️
  • Redirect to URL after successful sign-ups ✔️
  • Default styling ✔️
  • Most custom form messages (successfully subscribed, invalid email address, required field missing, and general error)✔️
  • Hide/show form after complete ✔️
  • Sync forms on migration or force sync ✔️
  • Required fields ✔️
  • Update existing subscribers ✔️

Features on our roadmap

  • Contact Form 7 (CF7) integration
  • Email notifications (MC4WP Pro feature)
  • Webhook/Zapier integration
  • Google reCaptcha v3

Not supported

  • Integrations
  • Reports and Logging
  • Addons
  • Double opt-in
  • Form Messages (Unsubscribed, not subscribed, no list selected)
  • Form for unsubscribing (users will be able to unsubscribe from emails received)

For additional information and our getting started tutorial, please see our help center.