Tools for Headless WordPress

Welcome to our directory of plugins and tools that work with many static generated WordPress sites.
All of them work with Strattic.


Elementor Forms

An integrated drag-and-drop form builder

With over 5 million installations on websites across the globe, Elementor Page Builder is by far one of the most popular ways to build your WordPress website. One of the important features is Elementor Forms, a totally integrated drag-and-drop form builder that enables you to construct forms without writing any code.

On a traditional static website, this functionality would not be possible as processing form submissions depends on interaction with a database. However, on Strattic, your forms will continue to work even after you’ve converted your WordPress site to our modern static, headless architecture thanks to some Strattic magic (aka a lot of hard work 🙂) behind the scenes.

The most common form features are currently supported (see details here), and we will continue to expand on that in the near future.

For documentation on our Elementor integration please see: