New features! Duplicate WP sites within your account, PHP 8.1 and HTTP/3 Support

Static and headless WordPress. In one click.

Duplicate WP sites within your account

Your workflow just got easier! You can now duplicate an existing WordPress site to a staging site in order to test out development or design changes! As one of our most requested features, we’re excited to be able to provide this option to you. This can be done from within your Strattic Dashboard whenever needed! Learn more

PHP 8.1 Support

PHP 7.4 reached End of Life in November 2022 and stopped receiving security updates. This is not a security concern for sites hosted on Strattic since your WordPress site is decoupled from your live, public-facing static site.

In terms of compatibility, please keep in mind that even though the latest versions of WordPress (starting from WP 6.0) supports PHP 8.1, most plugins and themes aren’t compatible yet.

Luckily, on Strattic, you can request an upgrade to PHP 8.1 and test your WordPress site without your live site being affected until you trigger a “Publish to Live” .  While testing, if there are any issues, you can either fix those issues before publishing to your live site, or you can request that your site is reverted to PHP 7.4.

If you would like to upgrade your site to PHP 8.1 please contact support via live chat or email Please note that support for 8.1 is currently in beta.

HTTP/3 Support enabled by default

Strattic sites now support HTTP/3 by default! HTTP/3 affects how web browsers and servers communicate, with significant upgrades for user experience, including performance, reliability, and security. Learn more about the benefits of HTTP/3 in this article. You can also check out this article to find out how to verify that your site is using http/3.

Thanks for reading and can’t wait for you to check these features out!