Code Story with Miriam Schwab

Code Story is a podcast featuring founders, tech leaders, CTO’s, CEO’s, and software architects, reflecting on their human story in creating world-changing, disruptive digital products. Here’s Strattic’s story.

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Javascript Jam: What is Jamstack?

Watch Jeff Escalante (HashiCorp), Sean C. Davis (Stackbit), Brian Rinaldi (StepZen), Miriam Schwab (Strattic), and Ishan Anand (Layer0) debate the Jamstack definition in a panel moderated by Mark Brocato (Layer0).

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Does your website suck?

If you missed the live session of Why Your Website Sucks, no worries, you can see the static WordPress guru Miriam Schwab and the king of digital Yoel Israel on replay!

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WordFest July 2021


Grab your FREE ticket and check out the rest of the speakers on the schedule for July 23 2021!

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