Strattic acquires WP2Static to offer Open Source static WordPress for all

WP2Static joins Strattic!
Static and headless WordPress. In one click.

We’re very excited to announce that the popular WordPress-to-Static plugin, WP2Static, has been acquired by Strattic!

There are a number of interesting projects and initiatives in the WordPress space that aim to secure WordPress’ future by applying modern web development approaches to the space. Some of these projects are geared towards offering WordPress users the security, speed and scalability benefits of static and headless architecture. There are different approaches: some require users to throw away their existing WordPress sites and build a new fully headless site (removing a lot of the power of WordPress along the way); and some generate headless sites by creating an exact static replica of WordPress that gives all the benefits of WP combined with the reliability of headless and static.

Strattic of course offers this, and tackles the challenge by being an end-to-end platform that takes care of everything for users, from the WordPress hosting environment, through to the static file storage, CDN, SSL and more.

WP2Static, developed by Leon Stafford, also offers static WordPress, but as a plugin. Leon has been helping tens-of-thousands of users convert WordPress to static for over a decade and has had a significant impact on spreading the word in the WordPress community about the benefits of static architecture. WP2Static has even generated some great leads for Strattic as another great option for static WordPress. WP2Static does a great job of “static-ifying” WordPress, but demands that users set up their own environment for all the various parts, and also requires quite a lot of configuration and tweaking. That’s not for everyone, particularly for larger organizations, and many of them found their way to Strattic from WP2Static.

“By joining the team, I could further my mission to see more WordPress sites take advantage of the security and performance benefits of static.”

Leon Stafford

“We’ve been fans of Leon’s for a while, and about nine months ago were excited to offer him to join the Strattic team,” says Strattic CEO Miriam Schwab. “It made a lot of sense since he’s just as excited as we are about bringing static and headless to WordPress, and of course we knew his experience building a product in the space would bring a lot of value to our own budding product, all of which have since proved to be true.”

Working for Strattic meant that WP2Static was no longer Leon’s full focus, but we see it as offering a lot of value for our industry by offering users a freely available option for testing the water with static WordPress. 

“WP2Static was very useful for the DIY crowd,” Leon shares, “but it was clear that Strattic’s platform provided the perfect solution for agencies and enterprise teams who need a solution that just works out of the box.”

So we are excited to announce that Strattic has acquired WP2Static! It’s now part of the Strattic family, and Leon will continue to maintain it. In addition, Strattic will support keeping WP2Static and its add-ons open source for everyone! 

Thank you Leon for all you have done for the community and web!