Website Security + Speed + Reliability are a MUST 

Google expects sites to always be safe for users to visit, offer a fast and enjoyable user experience, and be available because that provides a higher quality experience for your users. Sites that achieve this can see their search rankings improve, and can maximize PPC and ad spend.

Traditional WordPress security and speed optimization is extremely resource-intensive

The vast majority (approximately 70%) of websites are running on content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, and keeping them secure and updated can be a very time consuming and resource-intensive task.

At present, website owners spend hundreds to thousands of dollars and hours on optimizing their sites to load fast and protect them from being hacked.

Traditional optimization usually includes:

  • Caching plugins
  • Firewalls
  • Security plugins
  • Backup plugins
  • Security scans
  • CDNs

These tools can be complicated to implement and maintain, can conflict with one another, and often don’t generate the desired results. Sites can still get hacked, and are still sluggish.

Instant all-in-one revolutionary approach to hosting

Strattic is an all-in-one serverless hosting platform that instantly optimizes WordPress websites by making them static (so there's no queries to the database) and serving them on serverless architecture so that your site is always available. Everywhere.

We've seen some pretty incredible results with Strattic - with some sites being up to 16x faster.

Strattic also includes a CDN which means a copy of your site gets made in many locations all over the world so that it's served closest to the user's location making the load time even faster.  Plus, your site gets a free SSL certificate and HTTP/2 support.

Strattic offers the highest level of security by separating your live website from the Dashboard so there's no database to hack. This removes vulnerabilities such as SQL injections (SQLi), and Cross-site Scripting (XSS).

Basically, Strattic is a platform for having the fastest, safest website possible. In one click.