Static & Headless WP
For Speed
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Recorded Webinar

Introducing Strattic – Elementor’s advanced solution for static WordPress site generation and hosting. Discover why static and headless websites have exploded in popularity and how this 1-click solution might be the right choice for you.


Miriam Schwab

Co-founder & Head of Strattic

Ziv Geurts

Release Manager & Host


A special event to hear Miriam Schwab,
Co-founder & Head of Strattic, talk about our 1-click solution for faster and more secure websites. We’ll start off by briefly going over traditional WP websites, then we’ll talk about static and headless WP and understand their benefits and challenges.

Next, we’ll learn what Strattic by Elementor comes to solve and find out how it’s able to provide the best of both worlds: use WP like you know and love while enjoying the security, performance and scalability benefits static and headless websites bring to the table.
We’ll talk about who it is for, and check out the platform to see how to get started. We’ll finish with an FAQ session, where Miriam will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Miriam Schwab

Co-founder & Head of Strattic Will talk about Static, Headless WordPress and demonstrate Strattic’s 1-click solution for faster, more secure websites

Ziv Geurts

Release Manager Will host the show.

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Questions will be answered in the Live Chat during the webinar

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