Strattic for Startups Program

Running a startup? Look no further! Strattic offers you 50% off (!) on any of our plans for the first year

Many startups use WordPress for their marketing and lead generation website because of its ease of use. However, the effort of making WordPress fast, secure and reliable can be time consuming and distract you from doing your real job: building your startup.


Static headless websites are a hot trend in modern web development, created specifically to solve the above issues. Headless websites offer effortless speed, security and scalability, something which classic WP struggles to achieve.


Strattic is an end-to-end static and headless hosting and publishing platform. On Strattic, you use your WP site as usual, and then a one click deployment produces your high quality static website. So you get all the familiarity and tooling of WordPress, with the speed, security and reliability of static and headless architecture.


So you focus on your startup, we’ll take the website heavy lifting off your hands and we’ll give 80% off any of our tiers for the first year. Looking forward to hosting you!


Criteria for joining:

  • Raised less than $2m in funding
  • Under $500k in ARR
  • Participation in a startup accelerator and/or VC funded

Strattic’s revolutionary hosting

  • Removes 99.9% of vulnerabilities, including SQLi and XSS
  • Increases your website speed by up to 5000% (yes, really!)
  • Leverages a global network of CDNs so your site is available everywhere

“Strattic is the most professional, reliable company in this space, with top notch service, and an end-to-end solution. We are thrilled with the security and performance results of having our website hosted on Strattic.”

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