Sony’s Altair further secures site by switching to Strattic; server response time improves 3.5x

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About Altair Semiconductor

Altair Semiconductor, a Sony Group Company, is a leading provider of Cellular IoT chipsets, playing a pivotal role in realizing the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Strict security requirements, desire to improve performance

Altair’s marketing department wanted to improve the website’s performance in order to positively affect its search engine ranking, and of course, to give site visitors a better experience. 

However they knew that whatever changes they planned to make, as part of the Sony Group, Altair’s website must comply with Sony’s strict security requirements. Sony has its own security group that checks every subsidiary’s website to ensure that it takes every precaution against hacking attempts. 

After investigating several options, Altair’s marketing and web team decided to move the website to be hosted at Strattic because of its strong security and performance. 

Strattic kicks performance up a notch 

When comparing key performance measurements of Altair’s site on its previous host and Strattic, the Strattic-hosted site consistently performed the same or better than the site on its previous host.

Google PageSpeed Insights scores increased on Strattic, with the desktop score jumping from 78 to 90, and mobile score from 34 to 57. 

The site was tested under a load of 50 concurrent users and the average server response time jumped to 3.5 times faster on Strattic than on the previous server. 

The site’s performance score on FastOrSlow, a tool that measures real-world speed around the globe, went from 77 on the old server to an impressive 100 on Strattic, a 30% jump! 

“We do a lot of site optimizations for our clients and they would love to see a jump to 99 or 100 when we are done,” said Slavik Shapiro, the developer from the web agency LTU that developed and maintains the site. “We know how challenging it can be to improve performance at all, but jumping to a score of 90 like Altair’s site experienced on Strattic is almost unheard of.”

Attentive, expert service and support

Tamir Shapira, Altair’s IT manager, agrees that Strattic’s service sets the company apart from other hosting providers. 

“The Strattic team was very helpful during the migration and they provide excellent support, with rapid and clear responses to all of our inquiries while resolving issues quickly,” Tamir said. 

“We love working with the Strattic team,” Ilana, Altair’s Marketing Lead said, “And we’re thrilled that our site is performing so well, since we know that this will enhance our search engine rankings. We know we are in good hands and have peace of mind knowing that our parent company Sony’s security team trusts Strattic.”