Rainbows and Sunshine: Holy Turtles edition

November 21, 2018 - 3 minutes read

The web and the world at large is not all bad (despite our #doomandgloom roundups about website security, hacks and website vulnerabilities) so we thought we’d bring you some good news to balance things out 🙂



Can you figure out what the new emoji is for? No one can but there are some hilarious attempts. We think this is the face people make when we try to explain static and serverless. But hopefully that’ll change soon 🙂


Arthur the off-topic rubber chicken

Oh, the internet. Arthur the Rubber chicken plans to bring focus back to meetings.


Modern website check-up

Web.dev is Google’s new tool to help web developers measure their website across different metrics such as page load time, security, accessibility  and gives actionable insights.


Put words between buns

This life-changing generator will put words between buns. Because, the internet.


Google aims for 100% renewable energy

Until now, Google has achieved 100% pseudo clean energy, meaning that they offset their carbon emissions by purchasing as much renewable energy as they consume. But they want the real deal – to use 100% renewable energy for all their operations 24/7/365.


8pm your time; 10pm my time

If you’ve ever tried to schedule a meeting via email across different timezones, it can be painful. Here’s an easy timezone converter for Gmail.


Thoughtful-ish messages

A new service will send messages to your loved ones. Mixed feelings about this one. I love you but I didn’t write this text. But I’m thinking of you. But still, a bot wrote it.


10 million subscribers

Nas Daily reached10 million subscribers for his daily 1 minute videos. One of our recent favorites: the vegan capital of the world. Thanks for bringing a lot of good into the world, Nas (I’m sure you read this). You rock!


Holy Turtles

SodaStream, which makes home carbonation machines, has unveiled a 1000-foot-long contraption, dubbed “The holy turtle” for cleaning plastic waste from ocean waters.


Water-powered cars

Researchers have figured out a more efficient process to produce hydrogen fuel from water. It allows the process to unfold naturally instead of relying on large amounts of human-made energy sources or precious metals to catalyze the reaction.


3D Pills

New era for drug manufacturing as new technology emerges for 3D printing personalized medicine, allowing doctors to more accurately tailor the dosage levels and exposure of medications for different patients. Thanks to 3D printing, medication may not have to be one-size-fits-all.


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