Static + Serverless for WordPress. Instantly.

Strattic disconnects the dynamic WordPress site from the web and puts it on a different url behind authentication so only site owners can access that site. You can continue using your WordPress like you always have – marketing people can still add content, you can still add plugins, and so on.

Then you deploy your site with one click of a button. Your changes get deployed as a static site with HTML, CSS and Javascript, essentially the front-end of your site without the underlying vulnerabilities. Site visitors are visiting an exact clone of your WordPress sites. But without the vulnerabilities – bots can’t hack the site because there’s no database there. Buhbye bots.

As a happy byproduct, the sites are also faster and scale even when hit by a lot of traffic or DDoS

Step 1: We install your website on a secure staging area

You'll receive a staging site URL that will be your staging area from now on.
All edits happen here.

Step 2: Deploy your site to static in one click.

This is where the Strattic magic happens.
We instantly serve a snapshot of your site as a static website, making it blazingly fast and protecting you from attackers. From this point on, all you have to do is click the Strattic button to deploy your changes from your WordPress staging site to your live production static site.

Step 3: Point your domain and go live.

Update your DNS settings and voila!
Your site is now static running on serverless architecture and is now bulletproof and blazing fast.