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Headless WordPress

Optimizing websites that run on content management systems like WordPress can be time-consuming and frustrating. We get it.


Maintaining a WordPress site can be stressful. It requires constant attention, worrying about server resources, plugin maintenance and staying on top of security patches. A wrong click can easily cause your site to break, crash, or the server to become unstable, resulting in downtime.


At Strattic, we have created a next-generation end-to-end platform that hosts and deploys your WordPress site in a static headless architecture.

Our WordPress websites are hosted in containerized environments that are not accessible to the public and automatically shut down when not in use. Your visitors will see a static and headless replica of the WordPress site, which is generated simply by clicking a button.

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Dynamic Website vs Static Website

This is a radical departure from the standard approach to CMSs. Rather than generating every page on the fly for users as they request them in the browser, we serve prerendered HTML pages that are then delivered through a global CDN with more than 200 edge points around the world. This makes the site significantly more performant around the globe.

Benefits of going headless

Experience static and headless performance, reliability and security with Strattic.

Migrating our WordPress websites from our previous hosting to Strattic immediately increased our site speed significantly. This contributed to lowering our bounce rate, increasing our conversion rates, and also helped improve our SEO. I highly recommend Strattic.

Jonny Steel, VP Marketing


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