Full Stack / Backend Developer

What is Strattic?

Strattic is a Jerusalem-based, venture-backed, fast-growing startup that is revolutionizing web hosting by converting websites to a static and serverless architecture, making sites faster, more unhackable and more environmentally friendly than ever before possible. 

Where will you work?

Strattic is proudly based out of Jerusalem (we work right next to the Machaneh Yehuda shuk), but are also very much a team with a remote culture (especially now 😃), with a number of team members distributed around the world.

About the position

As a small team, we each own our domains and you will have a significant impact on our product and company as a whole.  

You will be working closely with our amazing development team and CTO, in planning, building and scaling out the core platform. The position covers a wide range of areas, because we all wear a lot of hats at this stage and we believe in seeing the big picture. The day to day work will involve developing microservices, automating processes, developing new features as well as fixing bugs.

Who are you?

When we say Full Stack, we mean it. Having said that, we are looking for self-starters who are hungry to learn and love teaching themselves new things. While we’d love you to be expertly proficient in all of the below, you can also be a person with knowledge and experience in these areas who is hungry to learn as needed.


  • ~2 years experience building REST APIs and backend services on cloud infrastructure
  • Working with MySQL DBs
  • Extensive experience with React
  • Amazon services:  Lambdas, ElasticSearch, RDS
  • Fluent English


  • Writing clean/modular/testable code
  • Containers:  Docker, Kubernetes
  • Node.js
  • Serverless framework
  • Working with No-SQL DBs
  • WordPress/PHP

Come join our small but mighty team as we make the Internet great again.