Front-end/React Developer (Freelance position)

What is Strattic?

Strattic is an exciting young startup that is revolutionizing the world of website performance and security using cutting-edge (an overused term, we know, but in our case it’s true 🙂 ) serverless technologies. We are backed by some of the top investors in the world including SignalFire, TenOneTen, Accel and Automattic.


Take ownership of implementing our fabulous new UI/UX for our customer dashboard from start to finish. We estimate it will take about 4-6 months.


  • You have 3+ years of React development
  • You dream in JavaScript
  • Feel comfortable working with APIs and syncing with our backend team
  • Experience with configuring webpack and setting up scaleable projects
  • CI/CD workflows
  • Package management tools like NPM
  • Transpiling ES6 to ES5 using Babel
  • Responsive interfaces
  • Impenetrable Authentication, with MFA
  • State management tools like Context, Redux, MobX
  • Routing
  • Clean semantic Javascript ES6
  • Obsessive attention to detail