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April 16, 2020 - 3 minutes read

Ever since the Covid-19 / Coronavirus crisis started developing, we at Strattic have been trying to figure out how we can pitch in to help. And then I came across this post by Eric A. Meyer (a CSS pioneer and expert on web standards): Get Static.

In this post Eric implores that websites offering important and useful health-related information about Coronavirus go static:

If you are in charge of a web site that provides even slightly important information, or important services, it’s time to get static.

Why should sites “get static” according to Meyer?

Because too many sites are already crashing because their CMSes can’t keep up with the traffic surges. And too many sites are using dynamic frameworks that drain mobile batteries and shut out people with older browsers. That’s annoying and counter-productive in the best of times, but right now, it’s unacceptable…Performance isn’t just something to aspire to any more. Right now, in some situations, performance could literally be life-saving to a user, or their family.

Meyer lists health departments (and pretty much all government services), hospitals and clinics, utility services, food delivery and ordering as the types of websites that should go static.

How should they go static?

There are a lot of ways to do this, but whatever way you choose, do it now.

Finally, we found our calling. We can help Covid-19 related websites get static. Now.

Make your Coronavirus Covid-19 website static with us

If you are running a WordPress website that provides important and/or useful information related to Covid-19, whether it’s physical and mental health resources, guidelines, directories, parenting resources/crafts/tips, or pretty much any type of resource that can help people stay healthy and safe during these times – we want to host your website. For free.

By migrating your site to Strattic (and converting it into a static site in one click), you can know that your content is being delivered quickly and efficiently to your users, and that your servers won’t slow down or crash under traffic loads. You can focus on helping others, and we’ll focus on keeping your website stable, fast and secure.

Here is a walk-through video of Strattic so you can get a better understanding of how Strattic works.

Please fill out this form to apply for our Covid-19 free hosting:

Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your efforts  ❤️

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